Tantalus Helps Utilities Upgrade Communication System

Tantalus Helps Utilities Upgrade Communication System

Tantalus is teaming with 15 public power utilities that are currently utilizing electric, water, and gas encoder receiver transmitter (ERT)-reading platforms to upgrade from one-way communication to automated, two-way advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) through the Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet). The upgrade essentially transforms existing automatic meter reading systems to AMI.

Charles Bauschard, the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities’ (CBPU) engineering manager, reports, “The capability of the TUNet ERT overlay is already showing great potential early in our deployment. In the field, the range of the system is greater than expected and the reliability of reads, especially on hard-to-read water ERTs, is better than expected. With ERTs installed on 100 percent of our system, having a viable option to continue to use these AMR assets without delaying or sacrificing our ability to implement advanced applications like load control on the same TUNet AMI platform that we’re deploying today will be invaluable.”

Tantalus’ affordable AMI migration solution has been tailored specifically for municipal and cooperative utilities.

Tantalus president and chief executive officer stated Peter Londa adds: “We see a tremendous opportunity in the municipal and cooperative utility markets to deliver an economical technology bridge through the TUNet overlay that serves as a path towards AMI and smart grid adoption. We have been working closely with our customers in public power for over a decade with the sole focus of developing solutions that fully align with their business priorities. We are pleased to see that the rapid and ongoing adoption of our ERT reading capability is the latest example of how the market is responding to our focused efforts at delivering value to our customers in this important market sector.”

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