Consortium Formed for SEP 2 Interoperability

The HomePlug Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, HomeGrid Forum, and ZigBee Alliance have created a Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability. Structured as an open organization, the Consortium will make it possible for companies with technologies supporting communications over Internet Protocol (IP) to certify SEP 2 according to a consistent test plan.

ZigBee Alliance Opens New Offices in China

The ZigBee Alliance, which describes itself as an ecosystem of organizations creating wireless solutions for use in energy management, residential, commercial and consumer applications, has opened two new offices in China. The goal is to increase ZigBee’s adoption and address ZigBee standards to meet China’s specific needs for its expanding infrastructure and rapidly growing markets.

Digi Helps E2America Reduce Customers’ Power Consumption

Digi International today announced that Efficient Energy America (E2America) is using its iDigi Device Cloud, ConnectPort X4 gateways and XBee ZB ZigBee modules to wirelessly enable the E2 intelligent commercial building control system.  E2America’s Smart Grid efficiency technology currently reduces energy consumption and demand by optimizing HVAC efficiency, which saves customers approximately $7,000-$8,000 per site.

Metrum Announces Smart Meter Products

Metrum’s ZigBee certified smart meter products are finally hitting the market this month. Via their November 2010 agreement, Metrum Technologies is using Murata Wireless Solutions to enable their Advanced Meter Infrastructure and Home Area Network products.

GE Smart Meters Spurred 10 Percent Energy Reduction in Oxfordshire

GE smart meters are credited for prompting North Leigh in Oxfordshire to reduce its energy consumption by 10 percent for three consecutive months. The power conservation has earned the British village a £20,000 award from Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE).

Ember Introduces IP Stack Roadmap for Smart Grid

Ember has unveiled plans to release its Internet Protocol (IP)-based low-power wireless networking stack for smart metering and smart grid applications.

ByteSnap Launches Low Power ZigBee Smart Energy Module

ByteSnap Design has announced the release of the ZMM-01, the industry’s first ZigBee Smart Energy compliant module to combine lower power, faster deployment, and trouble-free compliance with wireless standards in a single, low power platform. The ZMM-01 also provides a Real Time Clock, accurate up to 2ppm.

eMeter Begins Phase Two of Taiwan Smart Meter Deployment

Smart grid information platform provider eMeter has successfully completed the integration of 308 branded meters into its software, and will begin the second phase of its AMI Deployment and Technology Feasibility Study pilot program in Taiwan.

Echelon New Powerline Available for NES Meters; France Ponders Smart Meters

Echelon’s Control Operating System software will run on the company’s new optional open-standard power line and ZigBee communications modules now available for NES smart meters. The new modules, CNX 3000 for power line and CNX 2000 for ZigBee, enable utilities to connect to a range of building information and control devices such as In-Home Displays, thermostats, load controllers, motion detectors and temperature probes via the NES smart metering infrastructure.

RF Monolithics Introduces New Compact Module

RF Monolithics, which provides M2M wireless technology, has introduced the ZPM3570 2.4 GHz ZigBee Pro module at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) 2011 taking place in California’s Silicon Valley. Its compact size, 1MB data logging flash memory, and ZigBee Smart Energy and Home Automation Profiles support, makes the ZPM3570 a good choice for establishing smart homes that can control appliances, lighting, environment, energy management and security.