Wind farm

Enel Green Power Purchases Ownership Stake In Oklahoma Wind Farm

Enel Green Power North America (EGPNA) has purchased a 51 percent piece of the Rocky Ridge Wind Project. Located in Oklahoma, where the wind famously comes sweeping down the plain, the Rocky Ridge wind farm is expected to supply enough power to meet the energy needs of approximately 55,000 households while saving over 470,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
Construction is scheduled to being in the fall.

Texas Plans Three Wind Farms

Texas has long been known as the home of big oil but the winds of change are bringing a new energy player to the state. Austin-based Baryonyx Corporation has submitted applications for three wind energy sites in South Texas to the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The proposed wind farms are planned for development across more than 60,000 acres of submerged land under lease from the Texas General Land Office. When fully developed, the wind farms could have an installed capacity of up to 3GW, which is enough electricity to power around more than one million homes.

Enel Green Power Espana Acquires Full Ownership of Sociedad Termica Portuguesa

Through its subsidiary Finerge, Enel Green Power España has acquired a 100 percent stake in Sociedad Térmica Portuguesa (TP), becoming the only shareholder of the Portuguese renewable company.

We object to everything Renewable Energy Renews old Objections

Writing for on the 30th of May  Reporter George Monbiot makes the following statement.  Support windfarms? It would be less controversial to argue for blackouts. He goes on to say that by rejecting all the means by which renewable electricity can be generated, the UK has set a very dangerous course and asks the question why do those who oppose wind power insist on spoiling their case with gibberish? He reports that in his column on Friday, Simon Jenkins claimed that onshore windfarms were being planned “with no concern for cost”. But the only reason for building them is a concern for cost. If it weren’t for this issue, they would be the last option governments would choose – God knows they cause enough trouble!

Financial Benefits from Local Wind Farm Boost Rural Oregon Residents

Wind farms could be the industry of the future if Oregon’s experience is any indication. South of the Columbia River Gorge, an area once home to saw mills and logging, residents are betting their future on wind power. The area is currently dominated by wheat farms and hundreds of 300-foot wind turbines generating electricity and local income. Each resident current receives an annual check of $590.

Fortum and Skelleftea to Buy Wind Turbines

Fortum and the Swedish Skelleftea Kraft will purchase 60 wind turbines from Nordex for the Blaiken onshore wind farm which is currently under construction in Northern Sweden. Of the 60 turbines ordered, Fortum’s share is 12. Blaiken Vind AB, a joint venture of Fortum and Skelleftea Kraft, will have a maximum of 100 wind turbines on its wind farm with a total capacity of 250 megawatts.

Work Gets Underway On New 70 Mw Wind Farm in Romania

Enel Green Power (EGP) has begun work on building a wind farm that will have an installed capacity of 70 MW in Corugea, Romania. The wind farm, located in the region of Tulcea, will consist of 35 V-90 wind turbines, of two MW each. Once fully operational, the plant will generate 189 million kilowatt hours annually, enough to meet the energy needs of 70,000 households each year. Additionally, the wind farm will save 106,000 metric tons of CO2 a year.

Enel Green Power Espana Buys Stake in Sociedad Eolica De Andalucia

Enel Green Power España has acquired another 16.67 percent stake in Sociedad Eólica de Andalucía (SEA) from Desarrollos Eólicos Promoción SA (DEPSA). The acquisition, which increases Enel Green Power España’s interest in SEA to 63.34 percent to make it the majority shareholder, is part of Enel’s strategy to streamline its business portfolio by reorganizing its assets and shareholdings in various projects. The other SEA shareholders are SOPREA with 23.33 percent, and IDEA and Elecnor, each holding 6.67 percent.

World Largest Offshore Wind Farm Opens

The Thanet Offshore Wind Farm has officially opened off England’s southeast coast. The wind farm, run by Vattenfall, has 100 turbines and will generate enough electricity to power all the homes in Scotland. The opening ceremony took place at sea. Among the participants were Vattenfall CEO and President, Øystein Løseth, and the British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne MP.

Arizona Readies for Wind Farm Project

Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) has agreed to purchase all of the power generated by the planned 99-megawatt Perrin Ranch Wind Energy Center. Located 40 miles west of Flagstaff, Perrin Ranch, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, will be the largest wind project in Arizona when completed. The project includes 62 wind turbine generators situated on rural grazing land that will produce enough energy to power 25,000 homes when running at full capacity.