GridGlo Establishes New Base of Operation

GridGlo, a recently launched startup that specializes in data fusion and the development of smart grid applications, has leased office space in Delray Beach, Florida. GridGlo’s unique data platform has garnered enough interest from the utility industry to expand its base of operations. The new location provides enough room for growth, as the company seeks to hire more employees as it expand its operations.

COPASA Orders Additional Meters from Elster

Brazil’s second largest water utility, Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais (COPASA), announced it will install an additional 63,000 Elster water meters as part of its current deployment with Elster Medicao de Agua. COPASA will deploy a combination of glass and plastic cover S120 water meters. The deployment is scheduled to begin in July 2011 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Cleveland, Ohio, Selects Elster Water Meters

Cleveland’s Division of Water has selected Elster AMCO Water C700 meters to be included in its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project, which will begin deploying the meters in Q3 with a projected completion date in 2013. The city plans to install 100,000 C700 meters and utilize retrofit kits for 51,000 existing Elster meters in its service area.

Time to Fit that Smart Meter

Smart people want to save energy: It keeps utility bills down and is good for the planet. A smart grid, which gives feedback to both consumers and electricity producers on how much energy is being used and when it’s most in demand, can help make those energy savings happen. But smart, profit-motivated utility companies don’t all share the goals of smart people. Right now, they have more control over when and how the smart grid will develop, and they’re losing interest in moving forward.

UK Utilities and Government Brainstorming Smart Meter Deployment

It was a meeting of the top energy minds when the UK’s largest utilities—British Gas, EDF, ESB, and RWE nPower—met with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to discuss the implementation of new smart meter deployment plans.

Thames Water begins new smart-meter trial

Never has there been a country that has such a love hate relationship with rain!  The UK has had significantly less rainfall than it expected in recent months.  When we are not moaning about too much rain ruining our bank holidays or too little ruining our gardens, talk, as it always does, turns to water shortages and reservoirs running dry.   In the face of the ongoing struggle to conserve water Utility Week reports that Thames Water has begun the trial of a new system for smart-metering that the company says will significantly simplify the existing process.

E.ON Chooses Junifer System’s Customer Information Systems

Junifer Systems will provide its Utility Customer Information Systems (CIS) to E.ON’s Sustainable Energy business. Junifer Systems’ Utility CIS is a modular, end-to-end customer information and billing system designed to support the specific challenges encountered by both legacy utility systems and the new requirements prompted by the industry wide Smart Meter rollout programs.

Tantalus Appoints New VP of Business Development

Tantalus, which provides two-way, real-time data communications for utilities, has appointed energy industry veteran Ron Holcomb as Vice President of Business Development. In his new position, Holcomb will guide Tantalus’ business development initiatives for its smart grid communications technology. Tantalus’ TUNet communications systems are deployed at utilities throughout North America, helping customers better manage their energy resources.

HomeGrid Forum Reports Smart Grid Standards Breakthrough

The HomeGrid Forum has announced that the G.hnem standard has entered the final stages of approval at the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The global G.hnem standard is for low frequency (9-500 KHz) power line communications (PLC) for smart meters, energy management systems, electric vehicle communications, control, and home automation.

Keeping the smart grid simple

There are two prerequisites for the smart grid: a smart meter to accurately measure information on energy usage at the point of delivery, and consumer tools to control energy consumption. Yet rather than combining the two in a single device, it makes more sense to separate them.