Renewable energy

Bognor Regis Emerges as Possible Solar Center

According to E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, Bognor Regis has the potential to become the solar power capital of the UK. Based on weather patterns, the West Sussex town has emerged as one of the UK’s sunniest places to live, with 1,902 hours of sunshine every year, making it a good place to install solar panels. London, by comparison, only gets 1,461 hours of sunshine hours a year.

Zayed Prize offers $4m for energy innovators

Small businesses and individuals who are leading the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy can now enter the Zayed Future Energy Prize competition, which recognizes innovation, leadership, long-term vision and impact in renewable energy and sustainability.  The Zayed Future Energy Prize was developed to honour and recognize the very best solutions in renewable energy and sustainability. A detailed, transparent and consistent evaluation process was developed in order to give each submission the consideration and due diligence that it deserves.

Expanded SandC Europe Services Team Offers Solutions for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration

S&C Electric Company, a global leader in smart grids and renewable energy integration, today announced an expansion of its UK-based Power Systems Services operation.  Three new engineers have joined S&C’s European team, bringing with them a combined 50 years worth of experience in utility transmission and distribution systems, smart grids, and renewable energy integration.  This latest expansion continues the growth of S&C’s European support operations, which accelerated with the formation of S&C Europe LLC in 2008.
The new engineers will perform analytical studies to understand power delivery issues ranging from reliability problems to renewable energy interconnection issues.  S&C’s Power Systems Services team will then apply these findings to deliver detailed, comprehensive recommendations designed to improve the reliability, stability, and efficiency of the power system.

North Carolina’s FREEDOM Center at Forefront of Smart Grid Technology

Members of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness traveled to North Carolina for a roundtable discussion with national and local energy and smart grid executives about the obstacles and opportunities associated with growing jobs in their industry. The roundtable discussion was one of five simultaneous sessions that coincided with President Obama’s visit to North Carolina.

Consumers can become energy innovators

The US believes consumers can become energy innovators. At the Building the 21st Century Grid event, it announced support for all Americans to take advantage of new tools and services to manage their energy use and save on their utility bills. This is part of a wider set of initiatives and policy framework announced to support ‘smart grid’ – applying digital technologies to the electric system – to enable a clean energy economy, ensure a secure and reliable grid, and foster innovation and jobs of the future. There are plans to track progress and push further on energy education programmes.

US Energy Secretary Announces Five Million Smart Meters Installed

During a White House Grid Modernization event, United States Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that more than five million smart meters have been installed nationwide as part of Recovery Act-funded efforts to accelerate modernization of the nation’s electric grid. Nearly 90 percent of the meters installed to date are in Florida, Texas, California, Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Nevada.

Ontario Wind Project in Jeopardy

According to a report commissioned by the Canadian Wind Energy Association Ontario’s current wind energy projects are projected to create 80,000 person years of employment and attract $16 billion in private sector investment over the next eight years.

Denmark Embraces the Smart Grid

Denmark has quietly become one of the world’s smart grid leaders. With nearly twice the variable energy on the grid than any other country, Denmark has developed the prototype for a flexible, intelligent electricity system, thanks to the work of Danish technology companies, investors, system integrators, utilities, and researchers. Denmark currently integrates 34 percent renewables into the grid.

We object to everything Renewable Energy Renews old Objections

Writing for on the 30th of May  Reporter George Monbiot makes the following statement.  Support windfarms? It would be less controversial to argue for blackouts. He goes on to say that by rejecting all the means by which renewable electricity can be generated, the UK has set a very dangerous course and asks the question why do those who oppose wind power insist on spoiling their case with gibberish? He reports that in his column on Friday, Simon Jenkins claimed that onshore windfarms were being planned “with no concern for cost”. But the only reason for building them is a concern for cost. If it weren’t for this issue, they would be the last option governments would choose – God knows they cause enough trouble!

Inaugural GridWeek Asia to be held as part of ELECRAMA 2012

With rapid economic growth in Asia, and demand from utilities requiring investment to produce energy from all available sources, a major conference will take place in Mumbai in 2012.  Asia will give the utility providers the opportunity to build commercial relationships and infrastructure development.