ZigBee Ratifies New Han Standard

ZigBee Ratifies New Han Standard

SEP 2 supports control of plug-in and hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) charging; deployments in multi-dwelling units; support for multiple energy service interfaces into a single premisesl and support for any transport based on IETF IP compliant protocols such as the recently announced ZigBee IP.

Work on SEP 2 was initiated in collaboration with the HomePlug Alliance and has included the active participation of many outside industry groups and stakeholders in addition to members of the ZigBee Alliance.

Tobin J.M. Richardson, ZigBee Alliance chairman and chief executive officer says, “This is the culmination of tremendous work by a dedicated group of world leading experts in the Smart Energy Working Group of the Alliance. Now that the standard is done, the Alliance and our partners are working hard to complete the test plans and tools necessary to certify SEP 2 products.”

SEP 2 is supported by a variety of smart meter manufacturers, appliances, programmable thermostats, and other devices in homes, utilities, energy service providers as well as various government and standards organizations.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) director of standards coordination office Dr. George Arnold notes, “The vision of the smart grid is to enable empowered consumers and a more stable, reliable and efficient energy supply. The ratification of SEP 2 by the ZigBee Alliance represents a significant step in enabling that vision and the evolution of the 21st century smart grid.”

Robby Simpson, system architect for GE Digital Energy and chair of the SEP 2 Technical Working Group, adds: “The collaborative work and tireless efforts of the working group have ensured a state of the art standard that meets the needs of a broad set of stakeholders leading to products and solutions that will benefit the consumers, industry and environment.”

Download the SEP 2 standard at http://www.zigbee.org/Standards/Downloads.aspx.


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