Washington Utility Deploys Smart Water Meter

Washington Utility Deploys Smart Water Meter

Apex CoVantage announced it plans to enhance the utility’s existing customer information system using its ProField technology to automate the data transfer process for the installation of a mixture of full-exchange meters and retrofits for the meters that are less than ten years old as well as the addition of a wireless transmitter.

Ferguson Meter & Automation Group’s FlexNet project manager Misty Cobb says. “We selected Apex CoVantage for the installation because of our confidence in their ability to effectively and efficiently install the AMI system. Apex’s participation decreases the deployment burden that would otherwise be placed on the district in a cost-efficient and seamless manner.”

ProField reports it will streamline installation of the system endpoint components. “Once the AMI software system is fully operational, Woodinville Water District will be able to efficiently and accurately read customer meters, preventing water loss by quickly identifying potential large pipe breaks and other issues through the visual monitoring of incidents and irregularities. The system will automatically alert utility employees to any potential crises with early notification alarms when a possible irregularity is identified.”

Woodinville Water District explains the automated system increases efficiency by providing reliable service at a responsible rate. The project is scheduled to start in May 2014 and take approximately five months to complete.



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