U.S. and Canada Partner on Clean Energy

U.S. and Canada Partner on Clean Energy

The new action plan reaffirms the commitment between the two countries to collaborate on carbon capture and storage technologies; build more efficient, clean, smart electrical grids; and advance clean energy research and development. In addition, Action Plan II also places a greater emphasis on energy efficiency to take advantage of each country’s policies to help facilitate the uptake of energy efficient technologies and practices.

United States Energy Secretary Steven Chu explains, “This plan is ambitious and demonstrates our continued commitment to international collaboration to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and ensure that both of our nations benefit from the tremendous opportunities in clean energy. The United States and Canada are working together to continue to address technology gaps to support the development and deployment of new clean energy technologies into the marketplace.”

So far the accomplishments under the CED include completing the final phase of the Weyburn-Midale Carbon Dioxide Monitoring and Storage Project as well as the North American Carbon Storage Atlas. The final phase of the Weyburn Project will focus on best practices for the safe and permanent storage of carbon dioxide used in enhanced oil recovery. The Atlas is the first to map the potential carbon dioxide storage capacity in North America.

Other initiatives under Action Plan II include projects to enhance the integrity of permanent CO2 storage in geological formations; an initiative to clarify United States and Canadian regulatory authorities for deployment of offshore renewable energy and technologies; and further investigating the potential of power storage technologies.

The Clean Energy Dialogue Action Plan II is available at http://energy.gov/downloads/us-canada-clean-energy-dialogue-ced-action-plan-ii.

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