UISOL Provides Smart Meter Technology in California

UISOL Provides Smart Meter Technology in California

Specifically, UISOL reports its solution “enables GWP to unify all current communications, deploy enterprise service bus (ESB) technology to enhance systems integration, strengthen firewalls and security measures, improve efficiency of operational and business functions, and lay the foundation for managing future intelligent utility operations. The architecture includes an implementation roadmap over the next five years.”

GWP General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Glenn Steiger explains, “Careful planning was a top priority for us. We needed a utility specialist to help us build a system and process that will accommodate whatever changes occur in technology and applications or in consumer needs in the future. UISOL’s leadership integrating enterprise-wide distributed energy resources made them the best possible choice.”

Ali Vojdani, UISOL CEO says the GWP project represents “utility service that is becoming increasingly affordable for municipal utilities. As silos fall and data becomes more readily available within secure operations’ centers and across departments, utilities increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and realize the potential for delivering greater value to consumers.”

Glendale recently completed deploying smart meters for all its electric and water meters and will soon implement distribution automation and grid optimization. According to UISOL, through its architecture, “Glendale has created a comprehensive data model and selected an enterprise service bus (ESB) technology to speed the integration of the new systems and operations throughout Glendale’s water and electric services.”

UISOL is a utility industry systems integration specialist. For more information, visit www.uisol.com.

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