TXU Energy uses broadband for new energy management services

TXU Energy uses broadband for new energy management services

Unlike other utilities that rely on third parties to develop energy management software, TXU Energy developed its Power Monitor, an energy dashboard management system, completely in-house.  Power Monitor works to display energy consumption data from a meter on a user interface without relying on a broadband connection.  Power Monitor could function as a stand-in until smart meters are installed throughout TXU Energy’s service area which will take years to complete.

The power provider has promised to spend $100 million on energy efficiency and demand-side management tools over the next five years.  According to Chip Deaver, director of product innovation, the new tools have been “successful” but added that “there’s still a lot of work to be done.”  The installation charge of $75 might be steep for some, but Deaver says the new devices are already saving customers money.

With a partially deregulated energy market, Texas is a hotbed for innovative product development.  The market isn’t completely deregulated – companies like Oncor and CenterPoint Energy that sell electricity transmission and distribution are still regulated – but the companies that interact directly with consumers are.  According to Deaver, TXU Energy is the largest consumer utility in Texas with more than 2.2 million customers but has more than 30 competitors.

Oncor and CenterPoint are responsible for choosing and installing smart meters.  Oncor plans to have 800,000 Landis+Gyr smart meters installed by the end of 2009.  TXU Energy is developing products that will utilise the new smart meters.  It was one of the first in the world to announce it will make Google’s PowerMeter available for its customers.

Tools that operate in conjunction with smart meters operate much differently than the iThermostat.  Oncor’s system will use radio frequencies to communicate smart meter data and could take 24 hours before it is compiled and displayed on a customer’s energy dashboard.  The iThermostat’s broadband connection will be much more capable of handling functions in real time.

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