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The city of Opelika is partnering with The Motive Group to deploy an all fiber network, which will enable very low latency for smart grid applications to benefit Opelika Power Services electric customers beyond the foreseeable future.

The Motive Group co-founder Jennifer McCain says, “The utility industry is challenged with solving a critical national problem where supply cannot meet demand for energy without a major network transformation that enables more efficient use of our energy resources. Smart Grid technology is an opportunity to modernize the electric system and can enable the delivery of modern broadband/triple play services to communities using the same network infrastructure.”

The partnership will enable Opelika to deploy advanced meter reading over fiber to each home and business in their service area, providing cost savings. The city recognized the positive impact adding broadband services to their community could have on economic development and the importance of implementing operational efficiencies when adding new competitive services. The Motive Group will be responsible for construction management, overall project management, system Integration, public relations, marketing, and development of cost allocation methodology.

Opelika mayor Gary Fuller notes, “Fiber Optic infrastructure is a key component to Opelika’s ability to deliver next generation electric, voice, video and ultra-high-speed data services to the citizens and businesses of Opelika. The data services alone are desperately needed to foster economic growth, generate revenues that pay for the advanced Smart Grid over time and enhance our education and healthcare systems. I’m very confident The Motive Group has all the expertise we need to help Opelika build and fully deploy our fiber network. We’re excited about the future and what Fiber to the Home is going to mean for the future of our community.”

The Motive Group helps communities efficiently use of fiber optic systems. For more information, visit .

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