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Opower has released the results of an extensive study based on surveys of 14,000 participants across 12 countries. The Five Universal Truths of the Energy Consumer white paper was commissioned to determine power customers’ needs and what customers expect from their utilities.

One of the ore telling findings was that across cultures and geography, utility customers generally want the same thing from their providers and share many of the same attitudes, which include utilities are not meeting customer expectations; consumers wants lower bills; customers look to utilities for energy information; people value personalized energy insights; and everyone wants to know how they measure up

Roderick Morris, senior vice president of marketing and operations says, “When we started this research, we expected to find that customers around the globe are different—that they want different things from their utility providers and care about unique products and services. But over time, we found the exact opposite was true. While there are important regional nuances, the fundamental needs are the same.”

According to Opower, “Around the world, there is a large gap between what customers expect and what utilities are delivering. Whether it’s online tools, alerts and notifications, information or personalization, one thing is clear: utilities need to expand their customer offerings.”

To this end, Opower is collaborating with various utilities to meet consumer expectations. For example, Opower and E.ON UK recently launched the Saving Energy Toolkit, which provides all five million of the utility’s customers access to their energy information, and tools for how to save energy.

EMEA Managing Director Nandini Basuthakur adds: “Leading utilities, like E.ON, have recognized that customers deserve better information and tools to help them manage their energy consumption. Customers around the world want personalized and actionable information through a variety of channels, and we’re delivering these tools in our 90 deployments around the world.”

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