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Locus Energy has launched its next generation of smart meters, which are designed to enable solar installers and asset managers to more efficiently collect, monitor, and analyze performance data from both residential and commercial solar PV systems.

The new LGate 120 and 320 meters—along with Locus Energy’s web-based SolarOS monitoring platform—permit solar fleet operators to collect data for troubleshooting, asset optimization, and performance guarantee/billing functions.

Features of the meters include ANSI C12.20 class 20 revenue-grade power-meter; integrated 3G GSM cellular modem and Ethernet connectivity; lower/higher bandwidth settings; rich data set collected; inverter-direct communication and fault detection; plug and play connectivity; and option for embedded Zigbee radio.

According to Locus Energy, “Until recently, cellular socket meters available for PV monitoring have been mainly repurposed utility meters, which have focused on consumption and demand as opposed to the PV industry’s requirements. The LGate 120 and 320 are the first cellular smart meters designed specifically to measure the performance of PV installations.”

Both units can communicate directly with inverters to collect additional AC and DC data points.

Locus Energy founder and chief executive officer Michael Herzig explains, “These meter/data-loggers have been designed based on feedback from leading providers of residential and commercial PV systems who have installed over 25,000 Locus monitoring devices to-date. The market has expressed a clear preference for a low-cost, feature-rich and easy to install meter that can be installed on many different types of PV systems. We’re excited at the opportunity to fulfill this need and contribute to the next wave of growth of the distributed solar market.”

The LGate 120 and 320 will be available in early Q4.

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