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Southern California Edison (SCE) is using SAS® Analytics to improve its forecasting efficiency by integrating and analyzing data as part of an effort to strengthen its energy operations and address smart grid challenges and opportunities.

SCE reports, “With the increase of wind and solar resources and a high penetration of smart meters in the California market, the business of energy forecasting is increasingly complex…However, gathering quality data for analysis is no longer labor-intensive. With SAS…model development, data analysis, reporting, and visualization are now all accomplished in a single integrated software platform, streamlining the load and price forecasting process.”

Raymond Johnson, SCE principal manager of demand and price forecasting explains, “SAS helped us modernize. Having more integrated data and models helps us avoid operational errors and speed up the creation of forecasts, which in turn allows us to spend more time reviewing results and making any necessary changes. Since completing the SAS implementation in December 2012, our forecasters now have greater flexibility on improving model performance, reviewing forecasted results, and running reports.”

Alyssa Farrell, SAS global manager of energy and sustainability solutions, adds: “With new volumes of data from smart grid devices and meters come greater opportunities for utilities to modernize their energy planning with analytics. Large utilities such as Southern California Edison, as well as small utilities, are applying SAS Analytics to operations, customer service, and renewables for smarter planning and better business results.”

SAS provides business analytics software and services. SAS, which originally stood for “statistical analysis system,” began at North Carolina State University as a project to analyze agricultural research. As the demand for such software grew, SAS was founded in 1976 to help a variety of customers. Development of the software enabled it to run across all platforms. The (R) designation indicates United States registration.

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