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Google will integrate its Maps data into GE’s Smallworld electrical, telecommunications, and gas applications. The combined solution will help utilities increase productivity, enhance the existing network visualization capabilities, and allow utility customers to receive incremental efficiency and productivity of operations in the field.

Improving the ability to visualize data on a map enables customers to receive important information such as outage restoration times and will help to more efficiently manage their network assets.

Bryan Friehauf, GE’s Digital Energy business product line leader for software solutions, reports, “We are relentlessly looking at ways to bring value to our customers and this agreement brings together two world-leading solutions providers to help improve productivity. Millions of people are already familiar with Google Maps as seen on their computer screens in the office or on mobile devices in the field. Now we’re able to bring that familiarity to our Smallworld products so that our customers can use a platform that’s completely customized for their assets and networks.”

GE revealed it has developed a set of small focused applications for the Web, mobile devices, and desktops. Google’s rich mapping content will form an integral part of GE’s solutions by providing out-of-the-box base mapping as well as visualization and analytics capabilities. GE’s distribution management systems and outage management systems also will utilize Google’s mapping content in the context of operational control of electricity networks.

Google Geo Enterprise director Tarun Bhatnagar explains: “By using Google Maps and our API offering, GE is providing its customers with the advantage of a simple and intuitive user interface. Because so many people already know how to use Google Maps, this allows GE’s Smallworld technology to be an even more powerful enterprise solution. Both GE and Google have a heritage of innovation, and we look forward to working together to provide new ways to use and visualize data on a map.”

GE’s Smallworld geospatial solutions efficiently design and model complex network infrastructures while supporting asset management lifecycle processes and producing solutions for companies with complex network asset management problems. The agreement will deliver those solutions for applications such as business intelligence, engineering, Web clients, schematics, corridor management and enterprise gateway.

Friehauf adds: “We believe together, GE and Google will utilize their unique combination of technical talent and capabilities to significantly enhance the efficiency of their operations in a wide array of applications. Ultimately, our customers will notice significant benefits from this new agreement.”

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