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The Energy Services Network Association (ESNA) plans to publish, maintain, and certify devices compatible with the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), which has been pioneered by Echelon Corporation. Publishing OSGP as an open standard enables independent implementation of interoperable meters and other smart grid devices from multiple vendors on the same network.

Gordon Pedersen, President of ESNA and head of smart grid projects at Danish utility SEAS-NVE, says, “Standards will speed the development and deployment of the smart grid. The smart grid is about more than just smart meters, it is smart meters, smart sensors, smart switchgear and other smart equipment working together to make the grid more reliable, robust, and efficient.  OSGP fills a void in the market by bringing an open, field-proven, standard that addresses the needs of a broad range of smart grid devices, and not just smart meters.  Working with our members and partners, ESNA looks forward to formalizing and publishing OSGP as a European and international standard for smart grid communications to benefit utilities, their customers, and suppliers.”

Guido Bartels, General Manager of Energy & Utilities Industry at IBM and GridWise Alliance Chairman, nottes, “IBM supports initiatives like the one from Echelon & ESNA that render public Echelon communications protocols and interfaces. This enhances interoperability and open standards which are key elements of the complex systems needed to enable smarter energy implementations around the world.”

According to Ron Sege, President and CEO of Echelon, every market has benefited from open standards, from telecommunications to the ecommerce. “OSGP promises to do exactly the same for the smart grid market – energizing, expanding and catalyzing its growth in existing markets and opening new ones.  Echelon has a long history of creating de facto market standards that mature into sanctioned standards by governing bodies worldwide.  Given the huge market adoption and tremendous support from industry leaders, we expect to achieve similar results with OSGP.”

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