Tantalus Selected for Alabama Smart Grid Project

Tantalus Selected for Alabama Smart Grid Project

OPS, which currently provides electricity to the city’s more than 27,000 residents, reports it will “leverage fiber connectivity to every customer for exceptional gains in proactive grid management through TUNet (Tantalus Utility Network), applications such as automated meter reading, power outage management, demand management, and remote disconnect/reconnect. Residents of Opelika will also be able to easily monitor and manage their energy consumption as well as work with OPS to respond to system wide peak energy events in real time.”

OPS also plans to offer high-speed triple-play voice, video, and data services to residents upon completion of the network.

Opelika mayor Gary Fuller says: “When we chose to deploy fiber to power our smart grid, we knew we were making a smart investment in our community’s future. Through comprehensive research, we concluded that Tantalus’ Homerun network offered the most solid business case for maximizing our network investment with a full portfolio of smart metering and demand management applications. We’re looking forward to gaining the advantage of the company’s unmatched expertise in deploying fiber-based AMI systems for public power utilities.”

Eric Murray, Tantalus president and chief executive officer adds: “The City of Opelika and OPS have demonstrated incredible foresight and business savvy by successfully building a healthy case for FTTH by way of smart grid. We’re proud to help OPS realize its vision to reach every citizen with advanced fiber-enabled services and the ability to take control and make informed choices for energy usage.”


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