Remote Energy Monitoring Gets MID Approval

Remote Energy Monitoring’s V2 multi-mode meter has been approved by the energy industry regulator OFGEM for deployment in millions of UK homes. Additionally, the meter has received MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approval to be used in all European Union countries.

Smart Meters Edging into HAN

A Pike Research Report asserts that smart meters will be increasingly involved in home area networking. It is anticipated that HAN-capabilities will be embedded in 49 percent of all smart meters shipped by 2013. In North America, HAN-enabled smart meters will account for 81 percent of the market.

Silver Spring reveals ZigBee development partner

Silver Spring Networks, a leading smart grid technology firm, announced on February 26 that it has partnered with Exegin Technologies to develop ZigBee based software applications.  

ZigBee is a wireless standard that allows smart grid components to communicate intelligently without human intervention.  The protocol has gained a lot of momentum for use in smart grids because of the very low power requirements, low bandwidth, and low cost.  Because of these factors, ZigBee is rapidly emerging as a favourite for transmitting information from smart meters to monitoring and controlling equipment in the home.

Silver Spring has performed well for a start-up company.  It has signed up major utility companies including American Electric Power, Florida Power & Light, and Pacific Gas & Electric, among others, to deploy its smart meter technology that is built around ZigBee technology.

ZigBee and ZigBee PRO: which feature set is best

ZigBee has come a long way since the wireless standard was first developed to revolutionise automation in the home.  Today, ZigBee is on the cusp of revolutionising many automation technologies including smart metering. The most recent release of the ZigBee standard is the ZigBee-2007 specification that describes both the ZigBee and ZigBee PRO feature sets. …

Skyworks and Ember to develop front-end ZigBee modules

Skyworks and Ember have forged a partnership to develop an array of front-end modules custom made for ZigBee applications.  The modules would be a first in the industry. ZigBee is a wireless communications technology based upon the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.15.4 protocol, commonly referred to as mesh networking.  Mesh networks are…

Making electrical outlets smarter

A Cambridge-based company has developed a device for monitoring the electricity use of individual appliances.  Energy Optimizers Limited (EOL) has based their products, called ploggs, on the ZigBee wireless standard that has been favored by many other smart meter technologies.  The device can help individuals and businesses save hundreds or even thousands off their monthly…

Ember a Leading Provider of ZigBee Sensors

Ember, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with facilities in Cambridge, UK and Hong Kong , PRC, has emerged as a leader in providing ZigBee wireless sensors that play an integral part in the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) on which smart meters depend to function.  2007 was a record year for the company in product shipments as…

ZigBee a Perfect Match for Smart Meters

Smart meters rely on a communications network to function.  It is the network that transmits real-time information back and forth between utility provider and utility consumer.  Much of the network transmissions can occur over power lines, but some transmissions must occur wirelessly.  The development of the ZigBee wireless technology standards into a robust platform for…