Wind turbine

Financial Benefits from Local Wind Farm Boost Rural Oregon Residents

Wind farms could be the industry of the future if Oregon’s experience is any indication. South of the Columbia River Gorge, an area once home to saw mills and logging, residents are betting their future on wind power. The area is currently dominated by wheat farms and hundreds of 300-foot wind turbines generating electricity and local income. Each resident current receives an annual check of $590.

Fortum and Skelleftea to Buy Wind Turbines

Fortum and the Swedish Skelleftea Kraft will purchase 60 wind turbines from Nordex for the Blaiken onshore wind farm which is currently under construction in Northern Sweden. Of the 60 turbines ordered, Fortum’s share is 12. Blaiken Vind AB, a joint venture of Fortum and Skelleftea Kraft, will have a maximum of 100 wind turbines on its wind farm with a total capacity of 250 megawatts.

Oahu Wind Project Breaks Ground

First Wind is ready to begin construction of its 30 MW Kahuku Wind project, the only utility-scale wind energy project on Oahu. Once completed the wind farm will be one of the largest in Hawaii with the capacity to power as many as 7,700 Oahu homes each year. The project will consist of twelve 2.5 MW Clipper Liberty wind turbines, the largest manufactured in North America.

Quebec Approves New Wind Farm

Saint-Laurent Énergies has received governmental approval from Quebec to build and operate the Lac-Alfred wind farm, which will power 70,000 provincial homes.  The Order in Council authorizes a wind farm on the Lac-Alfred site up to a nominal capacity of 300 MW, using 150 REpower wind turbines rated at 2 MW each. According to Saint-Laurent Énergies, the wind farm project “is situated on the territory of the municipality of La Redemption and the TNO of Lac-à-la-Croix in the MRC de La Mitis, as well as on the territory of the municipalities of Saint-Cléophas, Sainte-Irène and Saint-Zénon-du-Lac-Humqui and the TNO of Lac-Alfred in the MRC de La Matapédia.”

AEI China Acquires NBT

AEI’s wholly-owned subsidiary, AEI China Power Limited, has acquired 67 percent of NBT New Energy Development Company, Ltd., which recently began construction on the 49.5MW first phase of a 200MW wind farm in Baicheng, Jilin Province, China. AEI acquired the equity from a subsidiary of Norwegian wind farm developer, NBT AS. Construction of the wind farm has started and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.

Intertek Announces Certification for Turbine Brake System

Intertek has announced the industry’s first electrical safety certification of a large wind turbine hydraulic brake system in North America for Hydrep, Inc. of Jonquiere, Quebec, Canada, reports EON. The widely recognized ETL Listed Mark enables Hydrep to ensure that their equipment is accepted by safety inspectors throughout North America.

GE and GAMA Announce Wind Farms

GAMA Energy A.S., a joint venture between GAMA Holding A.S. and GE Energy Financial Services, have announced the partnership’s first wind energy projects in Turkey, a 22.5-megawatt wind farm in Sares and a 10-megawattwind farm in  Karadag. Both are located in the western region of Turkey. The projects have a combined cost of €54 million ($71 million) and feature thirteen of GE’s 2.5-megawatt wind turbines.