New Technology Gives Power Signals a Boost

A new technology developed by San Diego start-up On-Ramp enables data to be transmitted up to 45 miles. Using current technology, a typical wifi signal travels around 300 feet before becoming too weak to be detected by a computer.

ZigBee Alliance Opens New Offices in China

The ZigBee Alliance, which describes itself as an ecosystem of organizations creating wireless solutions for use in energy management, residential, commercial and consumer applications, has opened two new offices in China. The goal is to increase ZigBee’s adoption and address ZigBee standards to meet China’s specific needs for its expanding infrastructure and rapidly growing markets.

eMeter Begins Phase Two of Taiwan Smart Meter Deployment

Smart grid information platform provider eMeter has successfully completed the integration of 308 branded meters into its software, and will begin the second phase of its AMI Deployment and Technology Feasibility Study pilot program in Taiwan.

RF Monolithics Introduces New Compact Module

RF Monolithics, which provides M2M wireless technology, has introduced the ZPM3570 2.4 GHz ZigBee Pro module at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) 2011 taking place in California’s Silicon Valley. Its compact size, 1MB data logging flash memory, and ZigBee Smart Energy and Home Automation Profiles support, makes the ZPM3570 a good choice for establishing smart homes that can control appliances, lighting, environment, energy management and security.

Lowe’s Adds Monitor and WiFi Gateway to Store Inventory

Lowe’s is now selling the PowerCost Monitor and its WiFi Gateway plug and play accessory, which enables real-time energy feeds to Microsoft Hohm and Google PowerMeter. The PowerCost Monitor is available in Lowe’s stores located in 24 states, including California, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New York.

Smart Meter Health Concerns Hype or Hypocrisy

For the past week now the staff has each been taking turns to monitor the RF (Radio Frequency) levels in our respective homes.  Testing everything we could get our hands on. Special thanks to the super intelligent people at GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS from Germany for supplying us with an HFE 35C RF Analyser.  This is my own findings.