Westar Energy

Westar Assists Customers as Heat Wave Drives up Energy Bills

The heat wave searing more than half of the United States has broken close to 4,000 temperature records in the affected states and may have contributed to hundreds of deaths, according to CNN. Excessive heat warnings, and heat advisories are in effect through the Ohio Valley and from the Carolinas northward into New England. In Chicago, the excessive heat left about 7,000 people without power. Newark, New Jersey, has set up cooling centers for citizens, especially the elderly, who do not have air conditioning.

Westar Energy Offers Building Operator Certification Classes

The Kansas Energy Office has approved Westar Energy’s plan to expand its Building Operator Certification program (BOC) training to include municipal and cooperative utility customers. BOC, a licensed program provided through the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA), is a nationally recognized competency-based training and certification program that is designed to inform for building operators about energy efficiency applications and help utilities reduce peak load and defer the need for investing in additional generation capacity. Any building operator responsible for day-to-day maintenance and operation who is interested in learning how to achieve measurable, sustainable energy savings for his or her facility is eligible to participate.

Westar and US Department of Justice Sign Agreement

Westar Energy, Inc. has reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for $19 million in funding under the Smart Grid Investment Grant program enabling Westar to move forward with its smart grid project for the Lawrence, Kansas area. As part of the agreement, Westar will give the DOE regular project reports and will be held accountable for achieving project milestones.