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Clean Urban Energy Secures Building as a Battery Venture Capital

Clean Urban Energy (CUE) has secured $7 million in Series A financing, which will be applied to rapid product development and a multi-city expansion within the United States to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston. The investment was co-led by Battery Ventures and Rho Ventures.

Lockheed Martin Applies Military Know-How to Smart Grid Security

Bloomberg reports that Lockheed Martin is marketing its military and intelligence technology to electric utilities to protect the United States’ power grids from terrorists and hackers. With an estimated value of $1.3 billion, cybersecurity is currently a growth industry. Lockheed plans to become a major player next month via Palisade, a software program developed in partnership with American Electric Power Co. of Columbus, Ohio, which alerts power companies to hacker intrusions and attacks on their electronic systems.

New Study Stresses Need for Unified Security Approach for Smart Grid

A new study has urged the British government to adopt a more unified approach to smart grid security. The report concludes that the UK’s fragmented approach to cyber-security could expose its power supply to attacks.

Catalina Island Receives New Turnkey Energy Storage Project

S&C Electric Company has introduced a turnkey energy storage project that will enable Southern California Edison (SCE) reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.  The new technology is the result of a contract SCE awarded S&C to furnish a Storage Management System (SMS) on Catalina Island, which is located off the coast of Southern California. The Smart Grid SMS is a fast-responding automatic controller that uses built-in intelligence to control charging and discharging of sodium-sulfur batteries.

Maine Conference Showcases Smart Grid Benefits and Challenges

Representatives from the University of Maine, the House of Representatives, and utility companies discussed the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of the smart grid and energy conservation last week at the University of Maine’s Haskell Energy Conference.

Department of Energy Supports Landmark Rooftop Solar Project

Solar energy is being shouted from American rooftops—literally.  United States Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the government is offering a conditional commitment to partially guarantee a $1.4 billion loan to support Project Amp which will install solar panels on the roofs of industrial buildings across the country. The electricity generated from those panels will contribute directly to the electrical grid and won’t be used to power the buildings where they are installed.

South America’s Smart Meter Market Poised for Growth

A new report by the Northeast Group has determined that South America’s smart meter market will reach 104.5 million meters and $25.1 billion by 2020. The study, Smart Grid Market Forecast (2011-2020), projects other smart grid technologies including distribution automation will also grow quickly. Brazil is poised to be first to initiate large-scale deployments, followed by Chile and Argentina.

San Antonio Seeks to Optimize New Energy Economy

As the economic opportunities presented by smart energy become ever clearer, municipalities across the United States are jostling for position to take advantage of the emerging technology. The latest city to announce a smart grid strategy is San Antonio, Texas, where CPS Energy has signed agreements with five clean tech companies— Consert , GreenStar, ColdCar USA, Summit Power, and SunEdison.

Duke Ohio Proposes Electric Security Plan

Duke Energy Ohio has petitioned regulators to approve an Electric Security Plan (ESP) for its customers beginning Jan. 1, 2012. Under terms of the proposal, rates would be in effect through May 31, 2021.

North Carolina’s FREEDOM Center at Forefront of Smart Grid Technology

Members of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness traveled to North Carolina for a roundtable discussion with national and local energy and smart grid executives about the obstacles and opportunities associated with growing jobs in their industry. The roundtable discussion was one of five simultaneous sessions that coincided with President Obama’s visit to North Carolina.