Siemens Energy Collaborates with Tendril

Siemens Energy is partnering with Tendril to market the Tendril Connect platform to utilities. Siemens will deliver the Tendril solutions to energy marketers and distribution network operators with its project management solution PM@Siemens. Initially the alliance will target the United States and Canadian markets and then expand internationally.

Tendril Joins NSTAR Pilot Program

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities has approved NSTAR’s Smart Grid pilot program, which will begin enrolling consumers interested in tracking their energy consumption within the next couple of months. Tendril will work with NSTAR to leverage its existing automated meter reading (AMR) infrastructure to offer near-time energy information and management.

Tendril develops innovative communication solution

Tendril announced on October 21 that it had successfully integrated its Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE) with the Itron OpenWay smart meter infrastructure.  Tendril is a leading provider of Residential Energy Management Systems (REMS) for the utilities industry.  As a result of its partnership with Itron, Tendril has utilized an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network…