KEMA Releases Volume Three of Its Utility Guidebook Series

KEMA has released its new guidebook that offers power utilities suggestions on how to “leverage the evolving utility-customer relationship for successful integration of the utility of the future.”

Smart Grid Trial Produces First Live Smart Grid Community Results

A trial involving 25 Dutch households in the Hoogkerk district of the City of Groningen, called PowerMatching City, has shown that it is possible to create a smart grid with a corresponding market model by using existing technologies, becoming the first time in Europe that the results of a live smart grid community are known at this technological scale.

SandC Electric Company Acquires Grid Solutions

S&C Electric Company has acquired grid optimization solutions, including volt/VAR management software, related intellectual property, and development platforms. S&C has also added software developers and customer deployment and technical sales professionals to continue to develop, implement, and support these solutions.

Carroll Electric Prepares Major Technology Upgrade

Carroll Electric is moving forward with a major technology upgrade that the company says will save money and energy. The utility has more than 69,000 members. The key component of the upgrade is the deployment and installation of smart meters, which use an advanced metering infrastructure to record energy usage in real time and in…

Echelon based Smart Street Lighting Systems Find Success in France

French cities are reporting energy savings of up to 45 percent using Echelon’s energy control technology for smart, networked street lighting systems, similar to the technology’s success in China. Echelon intelligent distributed control solutions use power line communications (PLC) to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs of municipal street lighting. In addition, the street lighting solution includes Echelon’s power line signaling technology for distributed control, Echelon SmartServers for segment control and enterprise connectivity, and system software from French company Streetlight.Vision.

Ontario Ministry of Energy Establishes Smart Grid Fund

The Ontario Ministry of Energy announced it is launching a $50 million Smart Grid Fund (SGF) to accelerate the growth of the province’s smart grid industry. The fund will offer targeted financial support for projects that advance the commercialization of smart grid products and services which in turn will boost economic development and help create jobs while providing Ontario with a reliable energy system.

NIST Issues New Smart Meter Guidelines to Prevent Obsolescence

The governing board of the public-private Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) has voted in favor of a new standard and a set of guidelines to ensure future wireless communications will be smart grid worthy. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created the SGIP, a group of public and private organizations, to coordinate the development of consensus-based Smart Grid standards.

NEC Partners with Enel on Energy Storage Project

NEC Corporation has entered a strategic partnership with Enel Distribuzione to develop new smart grid technologies and solutions. Through their collaboration, Enel Distribuzione and NEC will initiate joint feasibility studies in addition to deploying “advanced, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for smart grids, focusing in particular on energy storage.”

GE Energy Gives Clarkson University Grants

Clarkson University has received a $1 million corporate grant from long-time partner GE Energy to support graduate students conducting research in conjunction with GE’s Smart Grid and Smart Grid technology.

Consumer Engagement Integral to Smart Utility Technology Deployment

The RWE-owned Niederaussem Power Station.

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In an interview with Smart Utilities, Chris Harris, Head of Retail Regulation at Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk (RWE), discusses transitioning to the next generation of Smart Utilities operations and details the current challenges facing smart utility technology as it evolves from theory to practice.