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Romanian City to Deploy Echelon Energy Control Networking Technology

The City of Brasov, Romania, will deploy over the next three years Echelon energy control technology for smart, networked street lighting systems citywide, Echelon announced today. The decision follows the city’s yearlong test of the technology in a neighbourhood that led to the city saving 28% on its energy bills and 40% on maintenance costs. Brasov also achieved more control over its streetlights and gained the ability to efficiently distribute power to other applications on the grid.


Echelon based Smart Street Lighting Systems Find Success in France

French cities are reporting energy savings of up to 45 percent using Echelon’s energy control technology for smart, networked street lighting systems, similar to the technology’s success in China. Echelon intelligent distributed control solutions use power line communications (PLC) to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs of municipal street lighting. In addition, the street lighting solution includes Echelon’s power line signaling technology for distributed control, Echelon SmartServers for segment control and enterprise connectivity, and system software from French company Streetlight.Vision.