Sunverge Energy Showcases at Energy Innovation Hub

Sunverge Energy has announced that its Solar Integration System (SIS), featuring batteries from International Battery, will be showcased at the Energy Innovation Hub at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Clean Energy campus.

Detroit Solar System Goes Online

The new Ford-Detroit Edison (DTE Energ) solar power generation system at Michigan Assembly Plant is now running, delivering 500 kilowatts of renewable energy to help power the production of Ford’s new Focus and Focus Electric as well as next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars. Ford, DTE Energy, Xtreme Power, the city of Wayne, and the state collaborated on the system, which is one of Michigan’s largest solar power generation systems.

Recurrent Energy Announces Rooftop Solar Power Systems

Independent power producer Recurrent Energy has announced the commercial operation of 4.8 megawatts (MW) of rooftop solar power systems in Spain. The systems are part of a partnership announced in September 2009 between ProLogis Renewable Energy and ProLogis European Properties (PEPR), one of the continent’s largest owners of modern distribution facilities.

AT&T Teams with Petra Solar

AT&T has signed a new agreement to combine Petra Solar’s smart grid and renewable energy technology with the telecom’s wireless network in order to offer utilities improved power quality and grid reliability. Petra Solar’s solution enables utility companies to simultaneously address Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements and invest in a smart grid technology.

DOE Loan to Boost Solar Manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has offered Abound Solar a conditional commitment for a $400 million, seven-year loan guarantee to expand its solar module manufacturing capabilities. Abound Solar, will use the DOE funds to increase production of its low-cost, cadmium telluride, thin-film photovoltaic solar modules at an existing manufacturing plant, and to establish a second manufacturing plant that will create more than 1,200 high-tech jobs in Colorado and Indiana. The deal is expected to reduce the cost of solar power for the company’s United States and international customers.

US Department of Energy investing in solar power integration

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) has recently made available significant funds for advancing the availability of solar power systems in the United States.  Grouped within the Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS) effort, critical research and development funding will be provided with the aim of developing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that are less…

Participants sought for Australia’s Solar Cities project

Project administrators behind the $15 million Solar Cities Central Victoria project are actively seeking participants in the trial effort.  The project will eventually involve up to 3300 homes in northern and central Victoria, Australia. The Australian cities of Adelaide, Townsville, Blacktown, Alice Springs, Central Victoria, Perth, and Coburg were selected by the government to trial…

New solar energy project in Pennsylvania

Kathleen McGinty, the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection in Pennsylvania, announced on April 29 that a seven acre field will soon be filled with solar panels.  The field, located at the Navy Yard, will help Pennsylvania meet its commitments to green energy sources.  Once the governors Energy Independence Strategy gains approval from state…

Australia’s solar cities

Alice Springs, located right in the middle of the very sunny Outback region of Australia, has become that nation’s second “solar city.”  These cities rely upon solar energy for electricity, vastly reducing carbon emissions as part of a government-backed effort to further the development of solar power technologies. The announcement follows the launch of the…