Solar power

Petra Solar Partners with Flextronics

Clean tech company Petra Solar has chosen Flextronics to build its SunWave smart energy modules for worldwide deployment. The partnership enhances Petra Solar’s ability to supply SunWave pole-mounted solar energy systems to international customers.Flextronics Industrial president E.C. Sykes says, “We are happy to partner with Petra Solar to help them meet the expanding market for intelligent solar energy. As the leading clean tech manufacturing solutions provider, we believe the partnership is a natural fit and applaud the leadership and innovation in developing the SunWave, which combines distributed solar generation and smart-grid technology.”

California Receives Renewable Energy from Pseudo-tie

The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) now receives eight megawatts of solar power from a new photovoltaic farm near Boulder City, Nevada using an arrangement called a “pseudo-tie” that allows power plants located outside the California ISO to deliver electricity as if the generator was located in, or directly connected to, the ISO.

Sanyo Partners with UCSD

Sanyo is partnering with the University of California at San Diego to research and develop the next generation of solar energy systems and energy management. Under the agreement, Sanyo and UC-San Diego will collaborate on multi-year, multi-disciplinary projects that fcus on renewable energy and energy storage research, development and education. Sanyo will also invest $3 million over three years to underwrite the collaborative research projects.

Minnesota Needs to up Its Energy Profile

A non-partisan think tank found that Minnesota needs to promote cooperation between government and industry to boost its green economy and stimulate job growth in the cleantech sector. Although Minnesota was quick to develop green energy technologies, it stands to lose ground domestically and internationally the states adopts new policies.

Integrating Solar Power into the Grid

General Electric researchers are working with Arizona Public Service to determine the best way to integrate large amounts of solar power into the current grid, funded by a $3.3 million High Penetration Solar Deployment grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The team will identify systems and technologies that optimize grid reliability and efficiency with high concentrations of distributed solar generation.