Solar panel

E.ON Launches Drive to Bring Solar Power to 15,000 Homes

A new strategy by E.On, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, could provide to 15,000 with solar power installations costing as little as £99.  Up to £150m is being invested in the SolarExchange plan which could see participating E.ON becoming more energy efficient, generating renewable power at home, and potentially cutting their electricity bills by up to £180 a year.

GE Achieves Highest Publicly Reported Efficiency for Thin Film Solar Panel

GE reports that its newly developed full-size, thin film solar panel has been independently certified as the most efficient ever publicly reported. GE intends to manufacture the solar panels at a new United States based factory that will be the nation’s largest and is part of GE’s $600 million investment in solar technology and commercialization.