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Electric Consumer Right to Know Act, from Energy Boom Jeanne Roberts

On May 23, the Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DSRG), a “smart grid” trade association coalition, announced that the U.S. Senate had introduced the Electric Consumer Right to Know Act, S 1029.


PG&E Supported Proposition 16 Defeated

Proposition 16, a California ballot measure backed by utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric was defeated in the state’s elections held Tuesday. PG&E spent an estimated $46 million promoting the measure that would have blocked local governments from establishing their own municipal utilities.

Oil Spill Prompts Call for Wind and Solar

The devastating oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico that may impact the southern coastal region of the United States for decades to come, should be a wake-up call for consumers and politicians alike who championed Sarah Palin’s urging to “drill, baby drill” and give sustainables a boost.