San Diego

New Technology Gives Power Signals a Boost

A new technology developed by San Diego start-up On-Ramp enables data to be transmitted up to 45 miles. Using current technology, a typical wifi signal travels around 300 feet before becoming too weak to be detected by a computer.

Solar Projects Set for California

Eurus Energy America and NRG Solar are collaborating to build the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) generating facility in California. When operating at full capacity, the three Avenal zero-emission solar projects—Avenal Park, Sun City, and Sand Drag—will generate a total of 45 megawatts (MW). That is enough power to meet the needs of 36,000 homes.

San Diego Launches EV Rate Experiment

California is expected to be the United States’ leader in electric car drivers. While good for the state’s environment, California utilities need to implement strategies that accommodate the power needs of communities identified as potential EV strongholds such as Berkeley, Santa Monica and San Diego. The concern is that an overload of neighborhood transformers could trigger local blackouts.