Renewable energy

British Gas Offers Renewable Power

British Gas is launching a new green tariff which lets consumers vote on where millions of pounds should be spent aiding community energy projects. The tariff is a part of energyshare,  renewable energy community founded by River Cottage and British Gas designed to fundamentally change the way British consumers use energy. Energyshare offers funding as well as practical advice on how local groups, businesses and individuals can use green and cheaper sources of energy, save money and cut their bills.

UK, US Officials Express Smart Grid Urgency

New figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change indicate that greenhouse gases, including CO2, rose by nearly three percent in 2010, raising concerns that meeting the UK’s 2022 target of reducing emissions by 35 percent will be a serious challenge.

SandC Electric Company Acquires Grid Solutions

S&C Electric Company has acquired grid optimization solutions, including volt/VAR management software, related intellectual property, and development platforms. S&C has also added software developers and customer deployment and technical sales professionals to continue to develop, implement, and support these solutions.

E.ON Launches Drive to Bring Solar Power to 15,000 Homes

A new strategy by E.On, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, could provide to 15,000 with solar power installations costing as little as £99.  Up to £150m is being invested in the SolarExchange plan which could see participating E.ON becoming more energy efficient, generating renewable power at home, and potentially cutting their electricity bills by up to £180 a year.

Viridity Partners with Thomas Jefferson University on Energy Project

Viridity Energy is collaborating with Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to develop and implement a plan designed to maximize the economic and environmental value of its energy resources.

South Korea investing in smart grid technology to support renewable power generation

Korea Electric Power Corporation is to invest in developing smart grid technology. State-owned Korea Electric Power Corporation has announced plans to invest $1.8bn in smart grid technology as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, the corporation has recently joined IBM’s Global Intelligent Utility Network Coalition, signaling an intention to be among the world leaders in the development and deployment of smart grid technology.


Keeping the smart grid simple

There are two prerequisites for the smart grid: a smart meter to accurately measure information on energy usage at the point of delivery, and consumer tools to control energy consumption. Yet rather than combining the two in a single device, it makes more sense to separate them.

Energos Receives ROC Incentives

Energos, which recovers clean energy from waste, is the first waste fuelled gasification or pyrolysis plant operator to receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs). The company says fresh government support will help the company to progress its proposed multi-million pound UK investment. The auction price for ROCs approached £50 in March 2011.

Iberdrola to Expand Its U.S. Footprint

Iberdrola Renovables has launched the National Control Centre (NCC) in Portland, Oregon, which has operational control over approximately 800,000 inputs from 2,500 turbines across the country. The NCC infrastructure also controls data from Iberdrola’s other wind farms around the world. This efficient management of wind power will provide greater stability to the United State’s power grid.

World Largest Offshore Wind Farm Opens

The Thanet Offshore Wind Farm has officially opened off England’s southeast coast. The wind farm, run by Vattenfall, has 100 turbines and will generate enough electricity to power all the homes in Scotland. The opening ceremony took place at sea. Among the participants were Vattenfall CEO and President, Øystein Løseth, and the British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne MP.