Radio frequency

British Columbia Energy Minister Reaffirms Smart Meter Safety

Despite hundreds of studies that have determined the safety of radio frequencies, such as emitted by smart meters, a small percentage of consumers continue to express concern over their future health.

How much risk is Too Much Risk – Radio frequency technology

On May 31st Chris King of the eMeter Corporation reported that the World Health Organization announced that talking on cell phones might increase the risk of brain cancer for some cell phone users. This news got considerable attention in headlines around the world although it is not the first time we have heard this.  But although the original furore has died down, what does this new re-emergence of health fears mean for smart meters that use radio frequency (RF) technology?

Californian Community Still Resisting Smart Meters

The introduction of smart meters in a community in Fairfax California has sparked a revolt in protest to planned installation amongst some of the population.  The utility company involved, Pacific Gas & Electric Company and its partners realise that opposition to the meters may have stemmed from a lack of communication and education programmes.

Maine Lawmakers Defer to PUC on Smart Meter Opt-Out Issue

Maine lawmakers are deferring to the Public Utilities Commission over whether or not consumers should have the right to opt out of having a smart meter installed by Central Maine Power (CMP). The state legislature’s Utilities and Energy Committee also shelved a bill that would have imposed a one-year ban on installation of the meters, meaning it is up to the Public Utilities Commission to determine the merits, costs, and effects of letting some people opt out of the program.

Smart Meter Health Concerns Hype or Hypocrisy

For the past week now the staff has each been taking turns to monitor the RF (Radio Frequency) levels in our respective homes.  Testing everything we could get our hands on. Special thanks to the super intelligent people at GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS from Germany for supplying us with an HFE 35C RF Analyser.  This is my own findings.

Kamstrup Selected for Smart Metering Projects

Kamstrup has been selected by Finnish electricity suppliers Kymenlaakson Sähkö (KS) and Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö (PKS) to provide 146,000 smart meters – 65,000 for KS and 81,000 for PKS – with RF-based automatic meter management for their deployment. Mitox and Empower will be the primary contractors and roll-outs are expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

Smart Meters Edging into HAN

A Pike Research Report asserts that smart meters will be increasingly involved in home area networking. It is anticipated that HAN-capabilities will be embedded in 49 percent of all smart meters shipped by 2013. In North America, HAN-enabled smart meters will account for 81 percent of the market.