Rogers Communications to Provide M2M for Hydro-Quebec

Rogers Communications announced that its team in Quebec will enable the machine to machine (M2M) wireless connectivity across the province to Hydro-Quebec. Rogers will connect the utility’s central system with up to 600 Smart Meter collectors, which aggregate data relayed from the province’s 3.8-million Smart Meters. Rogers begins deployment on a trial basis of the M2M wireless connection of Hydro Quebec’s Smart Meter collectors this month.

Quebec Approves New Wind Farm

Saint-Laurent Énergies has received governmental approval from Quebec to build and operate the Lac-Alfred wind farm, which will power 70,000 provincial homes.  The Order in Council authorizes a wind farm on the Lac-Alfred site up to a nominal capacity of 300 MW, using 150 REpower wind turbines rated at 2 MW each. According to Saint-Laurent Énergies, the wind farm project “is situated on the territory of the municipality of La Redemption and the TNO of Lac-à-la-Croix in the MRC de La Mitis, as well as on the territory of the municipalities of Saint-Cléophas, Sainte-Irène and Saint-Zénon-du-Lac-Humqui and the TNO of Lac-Alfred in the MRC de La Matapédia.”

Quebec puts Smart Meters on Hold

Major power supplier Hydro Quebec in Quebec Canada is shelving a plan to implement a government initiative to install smart meters in the homes of its customers.  The government plan depends upon the new meters to educate the public about their personal energy consumption. Major power supplier Hydro Quebec in Quebec Canada is shelving a…