Power line communication

Semitech Semiconductor Solution Deployed by China Smart Grid

Semitech Semiconductor, which provides power line communications solutions, has announced that its GS18 power line communications (PLC) SoC is being utilized in LangFang Gao Shan’s smart grid control products deployed onto the China Southern Power Grid.

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Gets Support from German Automakers

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance has announced that Germany’s major car manufacturers—Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, and Volkswagen—support HomePlug Technology. After numerous case studies and tests, the five German car manufacturers, working together as the Coordination Office Charging Interface, chose to support HomePlug’s IEEE 1901 Profile Green PHY (GP) as the technology for the charging interface of electric vehicles. In addition, HomePlug has invited these auto manufacturers to help develop the HomePlug Green PHY certification program.

BPL Global Partners with University of Manchester

Smart grid technology company BPL Global, is collaborating with the University of Manchester School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to study the diagnostic gases for power transformers insulated with ester-based oil in an effort to advance the science of power transformer condition assessment.

Smart Appliances to Become More Relevant

According to a new study by Pike research, the smart appliance market, which includes smart grid-connected refrigerators, clothes washers and dryers, water heaters, dishwashers, and other appliances, will experience greater growth beginning in the 2013 timeframe, and by 2019 the cleantech market intelligence firm anticipates that smart appliances will represent a $26.1 billion annual market.

Texas Instruments Unveils New Development Kit

Texas Instruments (TI) has announced the new PLC Development Kit which the company says reflects its commitment to provide comprehensive products and tools for power line communications (PLC) development. The Development Kit is based on the industry’s only PLC modem solution capable of supporting multiple modulation and protocol standards on a single hardware platform.

ADD Semiconductor Achieves PRIME

ADD Semiconductor is the first silicon vendor to receive the official PRIME brand recognition as a technology provider. PRIME is a new worldwide narrow band power line communication technology based on OFDM that provides up to 128Kbps communications for smart grid applications. ADD’s certification process was performed by Labein-TECNALIA, one of the independent certification entities authorized by PRIME Alliance.

Nation-E Joins Forces with Powercom

Nation-E CEO Daniel Jammer and Powercom have joined forces to create NationPower, a new company to market, distribute and ultimately produce Powercom’s smart meters in Europe, Turkey, Russia and the former Soviet Republics.  NationPower’s expertise in smart meters and Nation-E’s superior storage systems solutions offer customers the world’s first one-stop solution in vertical energy management systems. NationPower will showcase its solutions in September 2010 in Vienna in front of key industry players and politicians.

Texas Instruments joins HomeGrid Forum Board

One of the challenges facing smart grid evolution is the current lack of a global standardization of low-frequency band power line communication (PLC) solutions. Looking to fulfill this power market need, Texas Instruments Incorporated has joined the HomeGrid Forum board of directors to help make worldwide standardization a reality. Since 2004, TI has provided PLC low frequency narrowband solutions that include flexible, cost-efficient software and hardware.