Photovoltaic array

Petra Expands SunWave Internationally

Petra Solar has announced the international expansion of its SunWave family of Solar Energy Solutions, featuring a new Smart Energy Module (SEM) that is designed to convert solar photovoltaic DC electricity to 230 volt AC while supporting electric grid reliability. They system, for use in the Pacific Rim, Europe, and the Middle East, has been certified to international grid standards including CE, IEC62109, G83, AS/NZS3100 and AS4777 for safety and electrical compliance.

Universities Showing Smart Grid and Renewable Innovations

Universities across the United States are employing in-house smart frids to reduce energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.  A smart grid will make it possible to island parts of the electric system from the main grid when main grid prices are high or when it is blacked out. Islanding can be especially important in university and research settings where power disruptions can be potentially catastrophic to experiments and power-dependent research projects.