Philip Mezey

Itron Announces Reorganization

Itron is undergoing a reorganization designed to enhance growth and efficiency. The new corporate structure enables Itron to better meet its near and long term goals by strategically aligning global operations with the markets it serves. Utility customers are expected to benefit from global mind-share and expanded technology options.

Itron Backs Frontier Project

Itron has signed a three-year year commitment to be the Technology Sponsor for the Frontier Project, a water and energy conservation demonstration initiative in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Itron provides end-to-end smart grid and smart distribution solutions to electric, gas, and water utilities around the globe.

Cisco Partners with Itron

Itron and Cisco have formed a strategic alliance to develop a next-generation smart grid platform that will transform the world’s energy infrastructure. Using Cisco’s standards-based IP architecture to power Itron’s smart meter system will create a consolidated network that enables utilities to more reliably deliver power to homes and businesses.