California Commissioner Calls for Opt Out Meter Plan

The California Public Utilities Commission has instructed Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to present a way for customers to opt out of receiving wireless SmartMeters. The CPUC’s order follows consumer concerns over the alleged health risks posed by devices. Opponents have tried to block SmartMeter installation trucks, while 30 local governments throughout Northern and Central California have called for a moratorium on PG&E’s $2.2 billion meter program.

Sex, Lies and Smart Meters – The Truth Is Out There

The idea of the smart meter was to better provide near real-time information that could be used to bill correctly, identify power problems and to eliminate the need for the carbon unfriendly meter reader. The concept was simple, stick a mobile phone inside the meter to send out data every hour, after-all the amount of data that was to be sent could have been transmitted in a single Text (SMS) message.  Seems simple doesn’t it?

Smart meters coming to Portland, Oregon

Regulators of power transmission in the state of Oregon recently approved a proposal from Portland General Electric (PGE) to install 850,000 smart meters within the next two years.  These new meters will establish two-way communications between the utility company and its customers for the first time ever. According to PGE, the new smart meters will…

PG and E Smart Meter Network to be Powered by Oracle

Oracle announced on January 22 that Pacific Gat and Electric (PG&E) will rely on its Utilities Customer Care and Billing software to run America’s largest smart meter project.  This initiative will help PG&E’s business and residential customers become more energy efficient and will lessen greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. PG&E has a customer…