ECALIBER Accredited to Verify Hydro Smart Meters

ECALIBER, a division of ERTH Holdings, has become the first company to be accredited by Measurement Canada to perform compliance sampling of both single and three phase electronic Smart Meters. ECALIBER is accredited by Measurement Canada to verify all types of hydro meters and have processed over 800,000 meters since it was established.

Ontario Wind Project in Jeopardy

According to a report commissioned by the Canadian Wind Energy Association Ontario’s current wind energy projects are projected to create 80,000 person years of employment and attract $16 billion in private sector investment over the next eight years.

Ontario Prepares to Launch Smart Grid

Ontario close to bringing its first smart grid to fruition since all homes and businesses already have smart meters and General Electric is building a $40 million smart grid innovation center in the province. Canada’s first electric vehicles will be available beginning in Q3 2011, and utilities are preparing for the transition.

New Turbo Blower is Smart Grid Ready

ENBALA Power Networks is partnering with APG-Neuros and the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) on packaging a high-speed turbo blower for wastewater plants that is Smart Grid-ready to provide a new revenue stream for clients. This innovative blower will reduce operation costs by up to 50 percent by decreasing energy costs and by harnessing its flexibility.

Ontario Ministry of Energy Establishes Smart Grid Fund

The Ontario Ministry of Energy announced it is launching a $50 million Smart Grid Fund (SGF) to accelerate the growth of the province’s smart grid industry. The fund will offer targeted financial support for projects that advance the commercialization of smart grid products and services which in turn will boost economic development and help create jobs while providing Ontario with a reliable energy system.

GE to Establish Canadian Grid Center

In partnership with the Ontario government, GE Canada is establishing the GE Grid IQ Innovation Centre in Markham, which will develop and manufacture smart grid products and services. Ontario is providing $7.9 million towards the project, and GE is investing $40 million. The centre will also include a smart grid demonstration centre and lab facility which will be used to showcase GE products and services to customers.

Ontario Addresses Smart Grid Privacy

In her 2009 Annual Report, Ontario, Canada’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, calls privacy a crucial element of the Smart Grid being developed in the province. Ontario.

Ontario residents are using less energy

Conservation efforts, including have led to Ontario residents requiring less energy, according to a report released today.  Ontario is the most populous province in Canada.  Once smart meters come fully online with variable electricity rates, the province should have no problem meeting its long-term energy conservation goals. Peter Love, chief energy officer at the Ontario…

Reviewing Conservation Initiatives in Ontario

The provincial government of Ontario, Canada seeks to make Ontario a leader in the energy conservation movement and hopes to accomplish this by creating initiatives for the public.  All of the initiatives are centered around smart meter technology.  First introduced in 2005, Ontario is well on its way to meeting its goals outlined by the…