Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

British Gas Identifies Greenest Community

Llangattock Green Valleys has been named British Gas’ greenest community after winning the utility’s Green Streets challenge and £100,000 prize money, which the Llangattock team will spend on a local environmental project of their choice.

Ofgem Fines British Gas

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) has levied a £1 million fine on British Gas Business for not providing accurate information about the amount of electricity supplied under the Government’s Renewables Obligation. The error was caused by British Gas’s faulty interpretation of the reporting requirements and insufficient procedures by the company. The £1 million penalty on British Gas has been reduced because of British Gas’ cooperation.

Ofgem Provides Consumer Protection in Early Smart Meter Deployment

Britain’s Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets regulator, known as Ofgem, has announced that consumers receiving smart meters ahead of the government’s mandated 2014 rollout, will be provided improved customer protection. Ofgem is also considering whether additional protections for business consumers are needed as well, especially small businesses.

Six Projects to Bid for Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund

Energy regulator Ofgem (Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets) has announced six projects competing for a share of £64 million from the £500 million Low Carbon Networks (LCN) Fund.