Nuclear power

We object to everything Renewable Energy Renews old Objections

Writing for on the 30th of May  Reporter George Monbiot makes the following statement.  Support windfarms? It would be less controversial to argue for blackouts. He goes on to say that by rejecting all the means by which renewable electricity can be generated, the UK has set a very dangerous course and asks the question why do those who oppose wind power insist on spoiling their case with gibberish? He reports that in his column on Friday, Simon Jenkins claimed that onshore windfarms were being planned “with no concern for cost”. But the only reason for building them is a concern for cost. If it weren’t for this issue, they would be the last option governments would choose – God knows they cause enough trouble!

Wake Forest University Professor Develops New Strategy against Power Grid Attacks

As the nation’s electrical power grid becomes more interconnected through the Internet, the risks of cyber attacks are also increasing. Errin Fulp, Wake Forest University professor of computer science at, reports he is training an army of “digital ants” to release into the power grid to locate computer viruses trying to infiltrate the system. Unlike traditional static security approaches, digital ants roam computer networks looking for threats. When it finds one, it summons an army of ants to converge at that location, drawing the attention of human operators to investigate.

Details of joint plenary panel announced for POWER-GEN Europe 2011

The joint plenary panel discussion has been announced for the POWER-GEN Europe, Nuclear Power Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe 2011 conference. European Power Policy – Can our industry really deliver? takes place on Wednesday June 8 and  will examine the range of strategic and technical solutions open to the European power industry in order to comply with the European Union’s energy policy.

US Planning International Smart Grid Network

According to government sources, the United States plans to announce the formation of the International Smart Grid Action Network, or ISGAN, to expand the U.S. energy market through smart grid standardization and take the lead in the new energy business. The Obama administration is expected to make the announcement at the first ministerial meeting on clean energy to take place in Washington, D.C. on July 19-20.