New Jersey

Graduate Students Improve Energy Efficiency

A regional program established in North Carolina in 2009 designed to help universities increase energy efficiency and save money is expanding into a national effort with a mandate to curb greenhouse gas pollution in four states—Texas, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey—as well as Washington D.C. Climate Corps Public Sector, the forward thinking summer fellowship program developed by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), specially trains graduate students to seek out energy efficiency savings in local governments, higher education and other organizations.

AT&T Teams with Petra Solar

AT&T has signed a new agreement to combine Petra Solar’s smart grid and renewable energy technology with the telecom’s wireless network in order to offer utilities improved power quality and grid reliability. Petra Solar’s solution enables utility companies to simultaneously address Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements and invest in a smart grid technology.

FirstEnergy Puts Rebate Project on Hold

FirstEnergy Corp has halted a two week smart grid pilot project for its customers in Greater Cleveland that would credit participating customers for power they conserved during times of high demand this summer. The credits would be calculated at electric rates up to seven times higher than standard rates.

PERI Prez Touts SoCal Smart Grid

Sarav Periasamy, President and CEO of PERI Software Solutions Inc., predicts the next hot technology for business in Southern California will be smart grid. Periasamy told Business Life: “Smart Grid technology, mainly used by utilities, and thanks the Obama Administration will be more affordable to customers and consumers. Research show that 60 percent of the electricity generated in this country is lost to inefficiencies, and the fact that smart grid technology is green and does not cost more, customers will feel good about saving energy and the environment.”