The Untimely Demise of PowerMeter and Hohm

Sometimes innovative companies can be a little too ahead of their time. Google and Microsoft are arguably two of the most influential and innovative companies in modern history. Part of their success has been to capitalize on emerging trends by anticipating consumer needs and wants. So it was not terribly surprising when both companies introduced technology tied to the smart grid.

Utility executives at KEMAs

Utility of the Future Leadership Forum predict smart grid will bring greatest industry disruption in century Customer demands will require utilities to develop new tech strategies and rethink centralized architecture. KEMA’s Fourth Annual Utility of the Future Leadership Forum brought together utility executives, energy innovators and decision-makers for a day-and-a-half discussion of the industry’s challenges and opportunities. Presentations and conversations focused on the high risks associated with the cutting-edge technologies that shape the utility landscape and the need to write the rulebook as it continues to grow and evolve. One critical takeaway is the disruptive effect of the smart grid and other recent market, technology and environmental trends, and the opportunities and challenges they will create.


Singapore PowerGrid Selects Telvent for Next Generation Utility Technology

News that Telvent’s array of smart grid solutions will help utility leverage data to improve operational efficiencies, ensure consistent power delivery and maximize customer satisfaction. Telvent (NASDAQ: TLVT), the leading real-time IT solutions and information provider for a sustainable world, announced today that Singapore PowerGrid (SPPG) has selected to work with Telvent on implementing the next generation of GIS and outage management technology. With multiple Telvent solutions paired with Esri South Asia and Microsoft platforms, SPPG will be able to reduce service disruptions and associated costs caused by power outages.

Itron Completes Scalability Testing on Management Solution

Itron has successfully completed another round of performance and scalability testing of its Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management (IEE MDM) product, the industry’s only meter data management solution to perform large-scale benchmarks using Microsoft SQL Server.

Survey Sees Modest Increase in Smart Grid Implementation

According to Microsoft’s Worldwide Utility Industry Survey 2011 the number of utilities moving past smart grid planning to implementation has increased by just eight percent. However, a majority of those surveyed expect budgets to support these efforts are increasing.

Blue Line Powercost Monitor

Blue Line has introduced the PowerCost Monitor WiFi Gateway that wirelessly uploads real-time energy use data to Microsoft’s online application Hohm. Blue Line says consumers will get more detailed usage information than what is currently contained in utility bills. Hohm enables consumers to analyze their energy usage and compare it to how much others use power. The software also suggests ways to conserve power. Research indicates the PowerCost Monitor can help families reduce consumption by up to 18 percent.

Opower Finds Energy Niche

An Arlington, Virginia, company that gives consumers a detailed analysis of their energy consumptions is proving to be more user-friendly than similar services being offered by Google and Microsoft. Opower, founded by Dan Yates and Alex Laskey in 2007, has 105 employees and is expected to generate more than $35 million in revenue this year.

SUBNET Conference Set for October

SUBNET Solutions Inc. has announced the 2010 annual SUBNET User Group Conference will be held October 24-28 in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference highlights substation and power system advancements, technological innovation, and the continued development of the North American power systems.

Ford Teams with Microsoft

Ford Motor Company has teamed up with Microsoft to make their electric cars smarter. Beginning in late 2011 Focus buyers will be able to purchase Microsoft’s Hohm software program that connects that car with the electric company and the home.