Bognor Regis Emerges as Possible Solar Center

According to E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, Bognor Regis has the potential to become the solar power capital of the UK. Based on weather patterns, the West Sussex town has emerged as one of the UK’s sunniest places to live, with 1,902 hours of sunshine every year, making it a good place to install solar panels. London, by comparison, only gets 1,461 hours of sunshine hours a year.

Thames Water begins new smart-meter trial

Never has there been a country that has such a love hate relationship with rain!  The UK has had significantly less rainfall than it expected in recent months.  When we are not moaning about too much rain ruining our bank holidays or too little ruining our gardens, talk, as it always does, turns to water shortages and reservoirs running dry.   In the face of the ongoing struggle to conserve water Utility Week reports that Thames Water has begun the trial of a new system for smart-metering that the company says will significantly simplify the existing process.

Consumer Engagement Integral to Smart Utility Technology Deployment

The RWE-owned Niederaussem Power Station.

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In an interview with Smart Utilities, Chris Harris, Head of Retail Regulation at Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk (RWE), discusses transitioning to the next generation of Smart Utilities operations and details the current challenges facing smart utility technology as it evolves from theory to practice.

UK Offers EV Subsidy

In a show of support for green transportation, beginning in January 2011, consumers who buy electric vehicles will be eligible for a 25 percent discount on the price of the car up to the value of £5,000 to be subsidized by the UK government.  Besides price, however, there are still concerns over the number of miles a car gets on a charge and availability of roadside charging stations. POD Point, the UK’s fastest growing provider of electric charging, is working to establish the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the estimated 274,000 EVs that will be on UK roads by 2020.

Solution Enables Smart Customer Relationship Management

Remote Energy Monitoring Ltd (REM) and Infotech Enterprises Ltd have unveiled a new interface between SAP’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and REM’s Smart Meter Operations Suite (SMOS). The announcement came during the Centre of Excellence opening in Holborn, London.

Siemens Contracts with British Gas for Meter Reading

Siemens Metering Services has signed a new, five-year meter reading data collection agreement with British Gas. The contract, valued in excess of £100 million, solidifies Siemens position as the leading independent supplier of metering services in the UK.