Gas meter

Telenor Connexion is working closely towards integrated GSM GPRS connectivity solutions

In Europe alone (EU23+2) there are some 253 million electricity meters, 109 million gas meters and 3 million district heating meters. ( Berg Insight (2009)) Consequently, meter reading and management of remote meters is one of the core fundamentals of the utility and energy sector.


Sensus Unveils Transceivers for Gas Utility Meters

Sensus has introduced SmartPoint GM transceivers for two-way communication with natural gas utility meters, which enables walk-by, drive-by, and fixed-base metering communications. The devices are easily installed on existing residential, commercial, or industrial meters and enable system-wide data collection and monitoring for improved customer service and operational efficiency. In addition, the transceivers are interoperable and designed to fit gas meters from a variety of manufacturers.