Feed In Tariff

Bognor Regis Emerges as Possible Solar Center

According to E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, Bognor Regis has the potential to become the solar power capital of the UK. Based on weather patterns, the West Sussex town has emerged as one of the UK’s sunniest places to live, with 1,902 hours of sunshine every year, making it a good place to install solar panels. London, by comparison, only gets 1,461 hours of sunshine hours a year.

Wind Power Takes Center Stage

The Renewable Energy Snapshots 2010 study by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) reports that with regards to the new capacity constructed in 2009, (27.5 GW), among the renewable sources, wind power accounted for 10.2 GW out of the 27.5 GW built, which represents 38 percent of the total. “For the second year in a row, wind energy is the leading electricity generation technology in Europe and the renewable share of new power installations was 62% in 2009,” said the study.

Element Power Secures Financing for Solar Project

Element Power has secured €18.5 million for its 3.51MW PV solar project in Alicante, Spain, which began operations in August 2008. Built by Siliken Energy and utilizing Siliken crystalline modules, the solar project generates clean renewable power under the Feed In Tariff governed by Spain’s 2007 Royal Decree 661. Element Power is backed by a $1 billion private equity fund established by Hudson Clean Energy.