Federal Communications Commission

Maine Utilities Must Offer Consumer a Smart Meter Opt Out

The Maine Public Utilities Commission is requiring Central Maine Power (CMP) to offer an opt-out program for customers who do not want a standard smart meter installed. Power consumers in CMP’s service territory will have two opt-out options: they can get a smart meter and have its transmitter turned off or they can retain the existing analog meter.

Tropos Introduces New Routers that Support 4.9 GHz Spectrum

Tropos Networks, which provide wireless IP broadband networks for the smart grid, has introduced new fixed mesh and mobile mesh routers that support the 4.9 GHz spectrum. Tropos products give utilities more options for smart grid communications along with an economical choice should they select to use licensed spectrum. That’s important because currently, licensed spectrum choices often have limitations such as narrow spectrum availability and poor performance characteristics.

Eon and Sensus Settle Legal Disputes

The patent lawsuits between Eon Corporation and Sensus have been settled. Eon, which provides wireless telemetry technologies, including advanced meter reading, has licensed its legacy patent portfolio invented by company engineer Gil Dinkins, to Sensus, which provides FlexNet-branded, tower-based, smart grid communications networks and water, gas and electric utility meters.

Consumers Worried About Smart Meters’ Health Risks

The California Public Utilities Commission is being urged to put a moratorium on Pacific Gas & Electric’s planned July deployment of smart meters in Fairfax, located just north of San Francisco. The Fairfax town council wants an independent third party to review the smart meter program and also wants the PUC to make participation in the smart meter roll out voluntary, so residents can opt out. Fairfax is located north of San Francisco.