Energy consumption

Dubuque Introduced Smarter Energy Cloud

The City of Dubuque, Iowa, has introduced the Smarter Energy Cloud, which will enable citizens to access information about their energy usage and habits and share best practices through an electricity portal/website. The electricity portal is now available to volunteer households in Dubuque.

Eragy Introduces Energy Services

Eragy, which provides energy management software applications and services, has introduced it’s a family of energy services for homeowners and professionals. MyEragy is a free energy monitoring service that enables homeowners to view their home’s energy usage and cost from anywhere online. MyEragy, together with a compatible in-home power sensor, enables homeowners to save up to 20 percent or more off their monthly electric bills.

GridGlo Establishes New Base of Operation

GridGlo, a recently launched startup that specializes in data fusion and the development of smart grid applications, has leased office space in Delray Beach, Florida. GridGlo’s unique data platform has garnered enough interest from the utility industry to expand its base of operations. The new location provides enough room for growth, as the company seeks to hire more employees as it expand its operations.

Availability of Smart Meter Data Curbs Energy Consumption

A study of 750,000 households of varied demographics in six states found that Americans who receive meter data on their home energy usage—whether via smart meters or traditional analog utility meters—reduced consumption by 1.8 percent after the first year. The research, which was conducted by energy-management software company Opower and sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), followed homes enrolled in various utility programs that provided home usage data via a Web portal, text, or paper reports mailed to consumers’ homes.

Elster Managing Director Sees Smart Grid Paradigm Shift

Richard St Clair, Managing Director of Elster Metering Systems UK says data privacy is absolutely crucial in the development of a smart energy society. According to St. Clair, the British energy market is facing an extensive transformation by installing 49 million smart meters in 30 million homes and businesses across the country by 2019.

CUBRC Partners with GridGlo

Research firm Cubrc has invested $1.2 million in GridGlo, a smart grid technology startup from Delray Beach, Florida. GridGlo sells software and services that enables utilities to see how and why their customers, primarily homeowners, are using electricity in real-time. They also provide utilities with an Energy People Scoring Mechanism (EPM) score that GridGlo would like to see  become a standard, similar to how the FICO score is to credit card issuers and other financial institutions.

Arizona to Institute Home Energy Information test

Later this year 800 Arizona Public Service (APS) customers will participate in a two-year Home Energy Information pilot to test a range of smart technologies designed to provide them with more control over their energy use. Customers will be able to see their energy usage displayed in real time on countertop devices, personal computers, and smart phones, enabling them to change daily habits in response to the data they are given.

Carroll Electric Prepares Major Technology Upgrade

Carroll Electric is moving forward with a major technology upgrade that the company says will save money and energy. The utility has more than 69,000 members. The key component of the upgrade is the deployment and installation of smart meters, which use an advanced metering infrastructure to record energy usage in real time and in…