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Semitech Semiconductor Solution Deployed by China Smart Grid

Semitech Semiconductor, which provides power line communications solutions, has announced that its GS18 power line communications (PLC) SoC is being utilized in LangFang Gao Shan’s smart grid control products deployed onto the China Southern Power Grid.

BPL Global Partners with University of Manchester

Smart grid technology company BPL Global, is collaborating with the University of Manchester School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to study the diagnostic gases for power transformers insulated with ester-based oil in an effort to advance the science of power transformer condition assessment.

ADD Semiconductor Achieves PRIME

ADD Semiconductor is the first silicon vendor to receive the official PRIME brand recognition as a technology provider. PRIME is a new worldwide narrow band power line communication technology based on OFDM that provides up to 128Kbps communications for smart grid applications. ADD’s certification process was performed by Labein-TECNALIA, one of the independent certification entities authorized by PRIME Alliance.

IDT Expands into Smart Grid

Semiconductor manufacturer Integrated Device Technology, Inc. has unveiled its first product for the smart grid industry: metering integrated circuits (ICs) for smart meters. The new IDT solutions improve the performance of smart meters.  According to IDT, its metering solutions (90E21, 90E22, 90E23, 90E24) feature “a wide range of 5000:1, allowing manufacturers to merge the various types of meters currently available, such as 5(20)A, 10(40)A, 15(60)A and 20(80)A, into one standard model 5(100)A, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing the storage and management complexity for utilities. In addition, the new IDT metering ICs feature low temperature drift.”

ABB Debuts New Wireless Sensors

ABB has debuted GridSync wireless sensors which provides high accuracy current, voltage and frequency information in real time for Smart Grid applications, including Volt Var Control (VVC), Demand Response, and Load Monitoring. GridSynch’s technology combines sensors and wireless communications to enable utilities to increase grid visibility and efficiency through VoltVar Optimization (VVO).