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UK Utilities and Government Brainstorming Smart Meter Deployment

It was a meeting of the top energy minds when the UK’s largest utilities—British Gas, EDF, ESB, and RWE nPower—met with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to discuss the implementation of new smart meter deployment plans.

Availability of Smart Meter Data Curbs Energy Consumption

A study of 750,000 households of varied demographics in six states found that Americans who receive meter data on their home energy usage—whether via smart meters or traditional analog utility meters—reduced consumption by 1.8 percent after the first year. The research, which was conducted by energy-management software company Opower and sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), followed homes enrolled in various utility programs that provided home usage data via a Web portal, text, or paper reports mailed to consumers’ homes.

Smart Meters Big Risks

Hot off the press today comes the news that smart meters while they can bring big benefits for customers if implemented correctly can pose big risks if they are not.  This news comes from Zoe McLeod, energy expert for Consumer Focus who is to address the forthcoming Smart Metering UK & Ireland conference in London.  The country’s five largest utilities, E.ON, British Gas, EDF, ESB and RWE nPower, will be there to interact with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) about the smart meter roll-out plans.