Electrical grid

Expanded SandC Europe Services Team Offers Solutions for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration

S&C Electric Company, a global leader in smart grids and renewable energy integration, today announced an expansion of its UK-based Power Systems Services operation.  Three new engineers have joined S&C’s European team, bringing with them a combined 50 years worth of experience in utility transmission and distribution systems, smart grids, and renewable energy integration.  This latest expansion continues the growth of S&C’s European support operations, which accelerated with the formation of S&C Europe LLC in 2008.
The new engineers will perform analytical studies to understand power delivery issues ranging from reliability problems to renewable energy interconnection issues.  S&C’s Power Systems Services team will then apply these findings to deliver detailed, comprehensive recommendations designed to improve the reliability, stability, and efficiency of the power system.

Wake Forest University Professor Develops New Strategy against Power Grid Attacks

As the nation’s electrical power grid becomes more interconnected through the Internet, the risks of cyber attacks are also increasing. Errin Fulp, Wake Forest University professor of computer science at, reports he is training an army of “digital ants” to release into the power grid to locate computer viruses trying to infiltrate the system. Unlike traditional static security approaches, digital ants roam computer networks looking for threats. When it finds one, it summons an army of ants to converge at that location, drawing the attention of human operators to investigate.

Ontario Smart Grid Forum Releases Second Report

The latest policy driver document from the Ontario Smart Grid Forum, Modernizing Ontario’s Electricity System: Next Steps, says the North American power system is aging and in need of upgrading renewal.  The current electric grid was only designed for one-way delivery of power from large generators to consumers.

Petra Solar CTO to Speak at Networked Grid Conference

The Chief Technology Officer of Petra Solar, Dr. Johan Enslin, will present on the first day of the Networked Grid conference taking place in San Francisco, CA on May 3-4, 2011. Dr. Enslin will join grid management experts on The Emergence of Next-Generation Power Electronics for Grid Optimization, Monitoring and Actuation panel to discuss the changing dynamics of the electric grid and the need for intelligent, quick responding, and high performance equipment driven by advanced power electronics. The panel takes place from 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm on May 3rd.

NIST Issues New Smart Meter Guidelines to Prevent Obsolescence

The governing board of the public-private Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) has voted in favor of a new standard and a set of guidelines to ensure future wireless communications will be smart grid worthy. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created the SGIP, a group of public and private organizations, to coordinate the development of consensus-based Smart Grid standards.

Grid to Enable Sustainable Energy Systems

The Power Systems Energy Research Center PSERC has been awarded a $5.5 million grant from the United States Department of Energy DOE to research the requirements for a systematic transformation of today’s electric grid to enable high penetrations of sustainable energy systems. According to PSERC, the future grid “needs to support high penetrations of highly variable distributed energy resources mixed with large central generation sources, energy storage, and responsive users equipped with embedded intelligence and automation. These sustainable energy systems require more than improvements to the existing system; they require transformative changes in planning and operating electric power systems.”

Plogg Monitors Appliances in the Home

Energy Optimizers Limited’s (EOL) Web-enabled metering device, the plogg, has enabled researchers to evaluate monitoring solutions for individual appliances and electronic devices to improve energy efficiency in the home and across the electricity grid. The plogg is used in research and field trials offering access to accurate and high resolution at the data capture level.

DOE Invests in Smart Grid Cyber Security

The United States Department of Energy will invest more than $30 million for 10 projects working to improve cyber security for the nation’s electric grid.  U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu says the investment is part of the Administration’s commitment to building a secure and reliable electricity system. “These awards help us make a significant leap forward to strengthen the security and reliability of the nation’s electric grid, in a climate of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. The development of technologies that can provide defense-in-depth cyber-security solutions, and increased insight from private-public collaborations, will allow us to better protect the nation’s energy delivery systems that keep our lights on and the power flowing.”

Southern California Edison Opens Exhibit

Southern California Edison (SCE) has opened an exhibit in Irwindale, California displaying the latest tools and technologies that are helping to create the smart grid. The Smart Energy Experience introduces consumers to the progress SCE is making in developing new energy efficient technologies as well as demonstrating new energy efficient devices, smart appliances for a home area network, the next generation of plug-in electric vehicles, and Internet tools that enable customers to monitor and manage their energy costs.

OG&E Expands Smart Meter Deployment

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has given the OG&E approval to deploy smart grid technology system-wide beyond. OG&E, the state’s largest utility, has been authorized to invest up to $366 million during the next three years. About $127 million of the cost will be covered by federal stimulus funds.